IT & Internal Controls Consultancy

In today's competitive environment, businesses increasingly depend on effective computer systems. But the risks of failure can be high and the ever-increasing challenge is to harness the power of IT whilst avoiding the risks.
Whatever your needs, our experience and expertise can help you meet this challenge.
  Most businesses have well formulated strategies supported by detailed business plans that forecast the future, whether through new product development, greater market share or overhead reduction.
Some businesses also have IT strategies and plans for the future of their IT environments. But, do these strategies and plans have the same goals and do they support each other?
  We frequently find that IT strategies are not aligned to business plans, with the result that IT hinders successful business development.
We can help you develop your IT strategy in line with your business plan, or review your current IT strategy and ensure that it is realistic and achievable.
      The data and key reports from your IT systems provide management with the information to make key business decisions. Accuracy is, therefore, paramount.
We can help you check the accuracy of your data and reports using our extensive IT audit experience.